Tensometric (strain) scales

     Laboratory of Computer Control System Design (V101b)

  Model administrator:
     Ing. Peter Papcun

     Kybernetika s.r.o.


Brief model characteristics

  • the model of tensometric scales
  • length and shape of the arm is designed to increase the scales sensitivity
  • four potentiometers in bridge connection minimizes impact of the environment
  • the output of strain gauges is sent into to amplifier and than to the PC Lab card
  • output is processed and visualized by the C language prammes on PC



Application of model in education process

  • courses

  • Distributed Control Systems (1st grade master degree)
  • bachelor thesis

  • OLEKŠÁK, Jozef: Realization of educational examples for study subject Elements of control systems
    (supervisor: Ing. Vratislav Hladký, PhD.) - 2011