Laboratory of Computer Control System Design (V101b)

      The focus of the laboratory is on the teaching, development and application of computer control systems based on single-chip microcontrollers and personal computers with technological interfaces.
      It is equipped with hardware and software tools for application development based on 8-bit single-chip microcontrollers (series I-8051 and I-80552), 16-bit microcontrollers (series I-80196) and 32-bit single-chip microcontrollers. For the purposes of teaching and educational training, the laboratory is equipped with a set of application products and models which enable the implementation of applications with diverse technological and network interfaces.
      Regarding the development of applications based on the embedded PCs, the lab is equipped with a set of hardware modules with technological and network interfaces as well as software tools and libraries for developing applications based on LINUX and WINDOWS OS. For educational purposes, it is equipped with a set of application products and models.

Personal representation:

Coordinator: doc. Ing. Ján Jadlovský, CSc.
Administrator: Ing. Michal Kopčík
Deputy administrator: Ing. Michal Varga




  • 15 personal computers
  • 10 products designed for teaching MC
  • 3 PCL cards (LabCards from AdvanTech) for teaching CSC and PDCE
  • 3 multifunctional panels designed to work with PCL cards (LabCards)
  • Printer
  • Barcode reader
  • LPT panel
  • Converter USB to RS-232


  • MS Visual Studio 2005
  • Borland C
  • Compilators for microcontrollers (16 bits and 32 bits)
  • Emulators for microcontrollers (16 bits and 32 bits)
  • RS Logic 500
  • RS Linx
  • InTouch


  • Networks scheme:    
  • Explanations to the scheme:    
  • Node addresses:    
  • Operating rules: