32-bit single-chip product SMT3210C-EVAL

     Laboratory of Computer Control System Design

  Model administrator:
     Ing. Radoslav Bielek



Brief description of the model

  • motherboard equipped with a single-chip microcomputer STM32F107VCT on the dual circuit board,
  • connection is realized using mostly SMD components,
  • microcontroller peripherals are led out to standard connectors to ensure easier connection to another agent, or allow the connection of measuring instruments,
  • the product is powered by the 5V DC voltage, and protected against ill-voltage connection
  • model contains:
    • 32KHz and 25MHz oscillators
    • stereo audio (through the DA converter CS43L22)
    • M24C64 EEPROM memory (size 64KB)
    • supports CAN2.0, RS232, IrDA, Ethernet, USB interfaces
    • supports microSD cards
    • LED diodes, buttons and joystick
    • 3.2 inch color LCD display with touch foil


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Block diagram STM3210C

Using the model in pedagogy

  • courses

  • Distributed Control Systems (1st grade master degree)
  • Microcontrollers (2nd grade bachelor degree)
  • bachelor theses

  • KOPČÍK, Michal: Control design and control realization of product by microcontroller
    (supervisor: doc. Ing. Ján Jadlovský, CSc., consultant: Ing. Ján Ilkovič) - 2011