Crossroad model

     Laboratory of Technological Process Control (V144)

  Model administrator:
     Ing. Matej Čopík

     Students of DCAI, FEEI, TUKE


Brief model characteristics

  • educational laboratory model of crossroad
  • the control of the model can be realised by PC Lab card or PLC controler via digital outputs
  • the crossroad model demonstrates traffic control for cars, trams and pedestrians



Mechanical construction

  • The model consists of the base on which is the circuit board with LEDs and the top cover, a printed crossroads image
  • The model is connected via 16 digital outputs which are switched to the individual parts of the model
  • For both types of control (PLC, Lab card) are used separate conectors

Using the model in pedagogy

  • courses

  • Distributed Control Systems (1st grade master degree)
  • bachelor thesis

  • KAČMÁR, Matej: Multi-level crossroad model
    (supervisor: doc. Ing. Ján Jadlovský, CSc.) - 2009