Mobile robot Khepera II - simulation approach

  Original model hardware manufacturer:
     K-Team Corporation (Switzerland)


Real model - Khepera II

  • miniature mobile robot with differential chassis based on two independenty controled wheels and one uncontoled wheel that secure model stability
  • modularity of model - both hardware and software level
  • library of applications for mobile robot control
  • multiple development environments support - C, Matlab, SysQuake LabVIEW, and other enviroments that enables comunication via serial port
  • suitable for study and experiments related to the theory of control systems, navigation, multi-agent systems, etc.

Mathematical - physical model - Khepera II - Simulation model

  • Simulation model inspired by real Khepera II model
  • Mobile robot model is divided into to subsystems - to kinematic model subystem and dynamic model subsystem.
  • Kinamatic model allows to set position defined by x, y coordinates and rotation θ of the mobile robot under condition, that the inital state of the robot is known and current wheel speed for both wheels vL, vR are also known.
  • Dynamic model includes frictional forces FL, FR that are affecting non wheels and and the total weight of the robot m.
  • Model is programed in Matlab/Simulink enviroment

Img.1 Scheme of the model mechanical construction

System description of the model

  • Control inputs

    • input volatage UL, UR.
  • Measured outputs

    • robot position x, y and its rotation θ.

Img.2.: System description of the model

Using the model in pedagogy

  • Courses

  • Control and Artificial Intelligence (CAI) (1st grade master degree)
  • bachelor thesis

  • diloma (master) thesis

  • FIC, Ján: Control of mobile robot Khepera II using artifiacial intelligence methods:
      (supervisor and consultant DP: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.) - 2009

Using the model in research

  • PhD works

  • Čerkala, Jakub: A contribution to the modeling and control of robotic systems using artificial intelligence methods:
      (supervisor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.) - 2013 (in preparation)
  • ŠUSTER, Peter: Design of effective software tools for control and analyze non-linear systems:
      (supervisor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.) - 2012 (in preparation)
  • Publications

  • 2011

    ŠUSTER, P. - JADLOVSKÁ, A.: Tracking Trajectory of the Mobile Robot Khepera II Using Approaches of Artificial Intelligence, Acta Electrotechnica et Informatica, No.1., Vol.11, 2011, Košice, pp. 38-43, Slovak Republic, ISSN 1335-8243,  

  • 2010

    ŠUSTER, P., JADLOVSKÁ, A.: Neural tracking trajectory of the mobile robot Khepera II in internal model control structure / - 1 electronical optical disc (CD-ROM). In: Process Control 2010 : 9th International Conference : June 7 - 10, 2010, Kouty nad Desnou, Czech Republic. - Brno : Tribun EU, 2010. - ISBN 978-80-7399-951-3. - P. C153a-1-C153a-13.