OWI Robotic Arm

     Laboratory of Production Lines and Image Recognition(V147)

  Model administrator:
     Ing. Jakub Čerkala

     Maplin Electronics


Brief model characteristics

  • simple, economic and portable presentation robotic arm model
  • composed of 4 rotaation joints and gripper
  • model motion is controled by PC via C, C++ or C# application
  • model hardware and software is under development

Using model in the research

  • dissertation theses

  • ČERKALA, Jakub: Application of artificial intelligence methods in modeling and control of robotic systems
    (supervisor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.) - 2013
  • diploma theses

  • RAČEK, Dávid: Design of Simulation Models Library of Robotic Manipulators in Language Matlab/Simulink
    (supervisor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.) - 2013


  • 2013

    ČERKALA, J.: Control of OWI 535 robotic arm using C# and possibilities of future applications. In: SCYR 2013 : Proceedings from conference : 13th Scientific Conference of Young Researchers : May 14th, 2013, Herľany, Slovakia. - Košice : TU, 2013 S. 23 - 25. - ISBN 978-80-553-1422-8, (AFD) PDF