Laboratory of Technological Process Control (V144)

      The aim of the laboratory is to support teaching, development and application in the field of computer control systems based on PLC controllers, SCADA systems, relational and multidimensional database systems.
      It is equipped with hardware, software, and network resources which facilitate the development, implementation and practical evaluation of continuous and discrete control systems using the programmable logic controllers by Rockwell Automation, and SCADA systems which enable communication between man and control system, as well as data collection for the analysis and diagnosis created by regulatory and control systems.
      The complexity of hardware, software and network resources allows the design, implementation and experimental verification of complex tasks that require regulation and control together with the connected sensors and actuators of various complexity and intelligence in conjunction with dispatching management level, based on SCADA and linked to the implemented information system, based on a relational database e.g. ORACLE, MS SQL. The laboratory enables the development and teaching of the partial tasks related to control, modeling and simulation, visualization, SCADA and database systems independently using designed program applications and real models.

Personal representation:

Coordinator: doc. Ing. Ján Jadlovský, CSc.
Administrator:  Ing. Matej Oravec
Deputy administrator:  Ing. Ján Čabala




  • 15 personal computers
  • 4 PLC CompactLogix L23E
  • touch panel View 600
  • 3 multifunctional panels designed to work with PLCs


  • MS Visual Studio 2010
  • Matlab R2005
  • Oracle Discoverer
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Oracle SQL Data Modeler
  • Oracle Analytic Workspace Manager
  • RS Logic 500
  • RS Logic 5000
  • Emulator for RS Logic 500
  • Emulator for RS Logic 5000
  • RS Linx
  • InTouch


  • Networks scheme:    
  • Explanations to the scheme:    
  • Node addresses:    
  • Operating rules: