Laboratory of Mechatronic Systems (V142)

      The laboratory is focused on the research, development, modeling and practical application of basic mechatronic systems. It is based on a set of development tools and application models enabling the realization of all phases of development for mechatronic applications:

  • measurement of dynamic parameters of the systems,
  • derivation of mathematical models for real physical systems using the methods of analytic and experimental identification,
  • modeling and simulation of designed control systems using classical and modern control theory methods, including artificial intelligence-based methods,
  • implementation of physical models and control systems via PLCs, frequency inverters, servo drives, HMI tools with a direct interactive connection with the modeling tools included in Matlab / Simulink and appropriate toolboxes, SCADA systems based on Wonderware, Rockwell Software and information systems based on the RDBS Oracle and MS SQL.

Personal representation:

Coordinator: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.
Administrator: Ing. Slávka Jadlovská
Deputy administrator: Ing. Jakub Čerkala




  • 5 personal computers
  • special computer (part of the model: pendulum)
  • 3 servers
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 (part of the model: Hydraulic system)
  • Frequency converter PowerFlex 40 (part of the model: Hydraulic system)


  • Matlab R2010a    
  • RSLogix 500
  • RSLinx
  • InTouch
  • REX + RexLib  


  • Networks scheme:    
  • Explanations to the scheme:    
  • Node addresses:    
  • Operating rules: