Simulation Systems in Business Informatics (SSBI)

Course supervisor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.
Instructor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovská, PhD.
Laboratory: PC FEI
Study program: Business information systems
Degree: 1st (Bachelor)
Grade: 2nd
Semester: Summer

Course aim

The topic of this course is the acquisition of knowledge and skills of the Matlab programming environment and simulation language, which is used for scientific and engineering calculations and data visualization. As one of the course’s objectives, students are familiarized with the implementation possibilities for various types of tasks encountered in the modeling of economic processes, such as the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear algebraic equations and numerical solution of differential equations, as well as solving approximation and interpolation problems for data derived from economic models corresponding to business informatics processes. The main objective of the course is to master algorithmic, numerical, modeling and graphical (2-D, 3-D) techniques integrated in the Matlab simulation language, and to demonstrate the possibilities of Financial, Symbolic and Optimization Toolboxes in both education and practice, notably in solving problems in the area of business informatics.